--These are Race Karts not Bumper Cars. No Bumping, Hitting, Cutting off, or Intentional Spinning of another Kart.
--Make sure your seat belt is properly buckled and tight at all times.
--Keep both of your hands on the steering wheel and all your body inside the Kart at all times.
--The Gas pedal is on the right and the Brake pedal is on the left.
--If you or somebody else spins out, GET OFF THE GAS and wait for an attendant to help.
--If the flag person turns your kart off and it sputters, GET OFF THE GAS! We will not turn you back on and let you race until you do.
--The track attendant has the right to not let anyone race or cut your race short for any safety reason or violation of these rules.
--Always obey these rules and the Track Attendant or you will be kicked off the track without a refund.
--These rules are the same for EVERYONE at all times (WE WANT SAFETY FIRST)

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Track Rules and Regulations