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--All entrants will race Wednesday or Thursday & Friday or Saturday.
--Entry form with $50 entry fee must be received before competing.
--Minimum height requirement 58" 
--Prizes and Trophies will be awarded -There will be no cash payout as this event is intended strictly for fun and bragging rights
--All Slideways Karting Center track rules will apply and will be strictly enforced. 
--Racing format and points will be set up similar to Knoxville Nationals format. 
--Good racing etiquette and sportsmanship is mandatory! This is a fun event for bragging rights only. 
--The flag man makes the calls and has the final word. The flag man will be strict yet fair to all racers. The flag man's decision is final and is not biased.

Qualifying Days:  Wednesday and Thursday

Each driver will have only one qualifying day.  Drivers will need to select which day they want to qualify on their registration form.  At check in on each qualifying day, every driver will draw a pill number.  This number will determine where you will start in your FIRST heat race.  Each racer will get 2 heat races.  The second heat race is a direct invert of the start of the first heat race.  (i.e. whoever starts first in the first heat will start last in the second heat.  Racers who start in the middle get the best of both heat races) 

The Main line up on qualifying day is then determined by the lowest points system.  (1st place = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points, etc;  when racers tie for points, the tie breaker goes back to the original pill number drawn at check in)  So if you finish 1st in your first heat and 4th in your second heat - you have 5 points.  These points will then determine where you start in your Main event on qualifying day.  This format is similar to that of our League Night Racing.

On qualifying day - each heat race and main will earn you OVERALL POINTS.  These overall points then determine where you will start in the Main event shows on Friday and Saturday.


Heat Race Points:  1st = 50, 2nd = 45, 3rd = 40, etc              Main Points: 1st = 200, 2nd = 195, 3rd = 190, etc.

Between the two days, if drivers tie for a overall points, the tie breaker will be the pill number drawn at check in.

Slideways Karting Center Mini Nationals is an annual event that race fans from around the world can participate in. Racing sprint-car style go karts, this is an event that racing enthusiast will love. This is a four day event with points and format similar to that of the Knoxville Raceway Nationals. Regular Slideways Karting Center rules and regulations will be enforced.

You will randomly draw your pill number at check in on qualifying day.  Drivers need to be arrive and start checking in by 8:30 AM so that racing can begin promptly at 9 AM.  (Your draw number will line up your heat races and also break any ties.)
The karts are mechanical machines and do break down with no warning. Therefore, we will not be responsible for not having a full fleet of karts that are equally matched. We will do our very best to keep our karts maintained and matched the best we can. If a kart breaks during a race (After the green flag flies), you will lose your position and not finish the race. (Just like the real thing) You will be considered to have finished in the last position for that race. *2010 CHANGE...if the breakdown is not due to deliberate misuse and is a Slideways malfunction, we will allow a draw of another kart, and the individual will be allowed there spot back. 
Unacceptable. If you use profanity towards anyone, you will forfeit all points. Remember, this is a family establishment. 
There will be none. If you can not race for fun in concession karts then this is not the race to sign up for. You will be done for the entire races, period. 
Officials will let you race, rubbing and racing is a fine line they will make the call. Any driver intentionally bumping other drivers or guard rails will result in loss of points for that race. We will attempt our best to discourage extremely aggressive behavior by implementing the 3/4 rules. The official’s word is final. 
The number one goal is always safety. If we stop the race because of a safety issue everyone will get their place back. If there is a safety issue with a kart we will put you in another kart and you will get your place back. 
Each race will have a set number of laps. There will also be a time limit implemented if there are too many cautions in the race. 
Any person who takes his/her safety belts off while on the track is disqualified from that race. Any driver who gets out of the kart in the pits before everyone is in and stopped will lose points for that race. The officials word is final. 
Track safety rules must still be obeyed at all times. NO BLOCKING STARTS You will get two attempts at a side by side start. Then the start will be a single file restart with the orange cone. 
No passing is allowed on the start until you pass the white line in turn 4. Front row must stay side by side until the white line and the person with the pole position will set the pace. 
When restarting after a yellow (after the 2nd lap), red flag or 2 failed start attempts, we will have a single file restart. On the restart an orange cone will be placed before turn 1. You can not pass before the cone, go beneath the cone, or hit the cone. Doing so will result in you being sent to the back of the race. The line up on the restart will go back to the last completed lap before the caution. 
Your time on the clock will start when the last kart is out of the pits. 
On most occasions the officials will give you a pointed black flag the first time depending on the severity of the incident. If you get the black flag, pull into the pits and wait for an official. You will be scored as last in the race. SPIN-OUTS If you spin out 3 times all by yourself you will be done for that race. If you cause an intentional spin out and the officials see it, you will be sent to the back and the person will get their spot back in the restart. 

The official's word is final. If you break any of the rules, all your points may be forfeited.