1230 IA-14, Knoxville, IA 50138, USA

641-828-6337   slideways.karting@gmail.com

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1230 Hwy 14 North

Knoxville Iowa 50138

Business Phone #  641-828-6337

Outlaw Cage Kart Classes

ECS and MN Mafia Rules.  AKRA Clone, 87 Oct Gas, Drum/Shoe Clutch, Open Tires

Jr Restricted Box Stock:  Clone, ages 6-10, .425 ARC Green plate, 245#

Jr Unrestricted:  Clone BP, ages 10-16, 300#

Adult Wing Outlaw:  Clone BP, ages 14+, 425#

AKRA Box Stock-Flat Kart Classes

AKRA Box Stock Clone, 87 Oct Gas, Open Clutch, Open Tires

Jr 1 Pro Clone:  Clone, ages 7-11, ARC .425 Green Plate, 270#

Jr 2 Pro Clone:  Clone ages 12-15, ARC .550 Blue Plate, 310#

Adult Pro Clone 375:  Clone, ages 15+, 375#

390# Clone Flat Kart AKRA BP Builder Prepared

ECS and MN Mafia Rules. AKRA BGP Clone, 87 Oct Gas, Drum/Shoe Clutch, Open Tires

390# Clone:  AKRA BP Clone, ages 15+, 390#

RWYB-Open Kart

Fuel Tank must be floor mounted, Catch Cans mandatory, Open Clutch, Open Tires, Open Fuel

Any 2 or 4 Cycle Engine, 375#

Big Block Clones, Duals, Stock or Stock Appearing Engines Welcome

Bike and Quad Classes

Tether Kill, catch can and/or overflow tanks, one way breather for fuel, Nerf bars, NO dirty or wet tires, knobby tires okay.  The use of ratchet straps to lower are okay and recommended.  Numbers on all sides must be readable.  Helmets, gloves, over ankle boot or shoe, long sleeve shirt and pant.  Bring tarps if pitting off of paved surface.  

Mad Dog Bikes

Air Cooled, 16" rear wheel max, 160cc 4 stroke, 85cc 2 stroke, ages 12+

Amateur Quad

Ages 15+, any cc, riders can enter both classes

Open Quad

Ages 15+, any cc, riders can enter both classes

All Star Shriners Motorized Drift Trike

Any Age, all trikes welcome, nerf bars recommended, as well as all safety apparel.

Classes, Rules & Restrictions

Next Race-
October 28th, 2017!

Outdoor Coke Syrup Nationals!

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