Track Rules and Regulations

  1. These are Race Karts not Bumper Cars.

  2. No Bumping, Hitting, Cutting off, or Intentional Spinning of another Kart.

  3. Make sure your seat belt is properly buckled and tight at all times.

  4. Keep both of your hands on the steering wheel and all your body inside the Kart at all times.

  5. The Gas pedal is on the right and the Brake pedal is on the left.

  6. If you or somebody else spins out, GET OFF THE GAS and wait for an attendant to help.

  7. If the flag person turns your kart off (KARTROL), and it sputters, GET OFF THE GAS! We will not turn you back on and let you race until you do.

  8. The track attendant has the right to not let anyone race or cut your race short for any safety reason or violation of these rules.

  9. Always obey these rules and the Track Attendant or you will be kicked off the track without a refund.

  10. These rules are the same for EVERYONE at all times (WE WANT SAFETY FIRST)



Green Flag means GO - The track is clear to race.


Yellow Flag means SLOW - Caution on the track - GO SLOW!


Red Flag means STOP - Race must stop immediately.


Black Flag pointed at you means WARNING -
If it is waving and then pointed at you,
you must pull into the pits.


White Flag means 1 LAP LEFT - Race is almost over.


Checkered Flag means RACE OVER - Take one more lap, slow down, and pull slowly into the pits.

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