League Racing

League Racing Schedule
$20 for all ages.  Drivers meeting at 7pm.  
All Karts and Equipment Provided.
Everyone Welcome

Spring Leagues
April 3rd-Practice Night
April 10th
April 17th
April 24th

May 1st
May 8th
May 15th
May 24th
May 29th

Summer Leagues

June 5th-Practice Night
June 12th
June 19th
June 26th

July 3rd
July 10th
July 17th
July 24th

August 21st
August 28th
Fall Leagues
September 4th
September 11th
September 18th
September 25th

October 2nd
October 9th
October 16th
October 23rd
October 30th

 General RULES
 -Drivers must be 44"-48" tall to race.  
 -Seat belts must remain on at all times.
 -Do not get in or out of karts until a Slideways representative has told you to do so.
-Know where you line up.  If you're not sure ask before getting into your kart. 
-Keep hands inside the kart when you're behind the wheel.
-2x2 starts, must stay side by side and nose to tail until you hit the white line in turn 4. 
-Single file restart after the first lap is complete.
-Do all you can to avoid contact with a spun out kart.
-If you blast into a spun out kart you will be penalized-maybe even out of the race.
-If you spin out and don't save it on purpose you'll be sent to the back.
-If you turn someone into the wall you'll both go to the back.
-On the restart, no passing before the cone, hitting the cone, or going beneath the cone.
-If you're not sure of where you start, watch the line-up girls on the flag stand.
 -Watch the flag man for the 1 to go signal. 

Format and points
-When you sign in, you will draw a pill number.  This will place you in your first heat.  
-Your second heat will be an invert of the first heat starting spots, so if you're on the pole of the first heat, you will be last in the second heat.
-You will randomly draw your kart.
-Points will be added up from your first heat finish and second heat finish to determine where you will start in your main event.  Heat points do not go towards the season points. 
-We will run a scramble race for the top 6-8 in points.  Whoever finishes first will have the starting spot in the A Main, 2nd place will be front row outside, ect. 
-A Main winner will receive 100 points, second place receives 95 points, ect.  Everyone who starts in a main race will get at least 20 points. 

All calls by Slideways officials are final.
 2013 Season Points 
Top 20:
1. Justin Verhey--2290 Pts
2. Ben Baldwin--2160 Pts
3. Anthony Dittmer--1960 Pts
4. Jake Heaton--1660 Pts
5. Wade Van Weelden--1390 Pts
6. Mike Rodwell--1335 Pts
7. John Oolman--1240 Pts
8. Logan Van Zante--1120 Pts
9. David Dubczak--1070 Pts
10. Doug Rodwell--1020 Pts
11. Nate Van Haaften--935 Pts
12. Tiffany Kladis--900 Pts
13. Cal Smith--855 Pts
14. Jim Houk--660 Pts
15. Brandon Shearer--635 Pts
16. Spencer Van Haaften--630 Pts
17. Dustin Boomershine--580 Pts
18. Ben Truetken--575 Pts
19. Caleb Humeston--570 Pts
20. RJ Johnson--570 Pts

Click here for Full Points Standings


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